Tomatoes! Tomatoes! Tomatoes!

Pictured above are Speckled Roman and Tigerella tomatoes, two striped varieties available now.

East Hill Edible Gardening has the largest selection of tomato plants available in the Pensacola area. We are offering 38 varieties of tomatoes this season (see descriptions later in this post)!

Yes, it’s early for tomatoes, but the weather has been much warmer than normal and for most of us there is no threat of freezing in the next 2 weeks. In fact, it looks like great tomato-growing weather ahead which means we have more time to grow some of the bigger tomatoes. If a freeze does come, these plants can be easily covered by a cardboard box for the night. We’ve already planted more than 30 varieties in our own garden, some of which are blooming!

The following varieties are available now. We have more thorough descriptions at our booths. Lots of them are heirlooms, some are newer intriguing varieties bred for taste, most are open-pollinated, and a few are hybrids (because they offer great disease resistance):

Atkinson – good meaty tomatoes, great for our area
Aunt Ruby’s German Green (lg. green, spicy & sweet
Best Boy – flavor plus great disease resistance
Better Boy – Classic tomato flavor – good disease resistance
Big Rainbow – beautiful deep yellow with red streaks
Black Krim – Juicy, dark red-purple fruit, rich sweet flavor
Brandywine, red – classic heirloom tomato
Brandywine, yellow – yellow version of above
Celebrity – Superior all-around w/ fantastic disease resistance
Chadwick – large cherry tomato
Cherokee Purple – Cherokee heirloom – superb taste
Costoluto Genovese – Robust, tangy, “tomatoey” flavor!
Creole – Juicy with outstanding flavor – great for the South
Early Girl – early red meaty tomato with lots of flavor & aroma
Eva Purple Ball – excellent flavor- great for hot, humid areas
Gardener’s Delight- German heirloom – cherry
Glacier– performs well in cool weather
Golden Girl – disease resistance + great flavor
Homestead – Firm, tasty flesh. Wilt resistant and productive
Juliet – Crack resistant sweet cherries shaped like romas
Kellogg’s Breakfast – heirloom orange beefsteak
Large Barred Boar – 1 of my favorites – intriguing colors
Matt’s Wild Cherry – small cherry tomatoes, prolific
Mortgage Lifter – heirloom – use to pay off your mortgage!
Peron – Solid, meaty mildly acidic interior. Insect resistant
Pink Bumble Bee – stunning cherry tomato
Prudens Purple – meaty, pink heirloom, PGS’s favorite
Riesentraube – Massive yields with rich, full tomato flavor
Roma – Good, rich tomato flavor – doesn’t need staking
Rutgers – Heirloom with good yields and flavor
Speckled Roman – pretty striped roma tomato
Sub-Arctic Plenty – another that performs well in cool weather
Taxi – bright yellow and sweet, early too
Tigerella – Early, flavorful and high yielding
Yellow Pear – yellow pear-shaped cherry

Plus several more cherrry tomatoes including:
Black Cherry
Gold Nugget